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Discover New Clients around the World with a New, Multilingual Website or App

Reach more users with top quality translation services

One contact person for all your translations, updates, and extra strings. No machine translations – all done by native-speaking linguists whose domains of expertise match your project’s needs. We’ve already helped over 400 game and app developers as well as 1200 website owners go global.


Fine-tune your translated game with localization quality assurance

PC, console, or mobile? Indie, RPG, educational, or even VR – we translate all genres and support all file formats! Get expert feedback from our LQA testers – native speaking gamers and professional translators.

Translate strings on the fly with customizable CMS tool

Localization system designed for game and app development. Update translations even in runtime for greater accuracy. The QA team corrects errors as they find them without disturbing the developers. Work with developers and translation teams within the same platform. Track changes, share strings, and increase the quality of your translations. Sim- ship worldwide & reduce product-to-market time.


Our Clients Say…

Laurent Morvillier

Laurent Morvillier

Poker Analytics
The speed of the translations has been a great benefit for our app. Sometimes the translators do the job within a couple of hours. So far I’ve done full translations of 8 languages, which have helped us find many new customers around the world.
Client 1

Daniel Kuttner

The price is the best thing about OneDollarCredits. It’s so hard to compete with what you’re offering. On top of that, the delivery has been fast, the quality high and the communication great.
Sergio Viude

Sergio Viude

Revenue Marketing
OneDollarCredits has helped us to sell our app to new customers around the world without worrying about the translations. In this day and age, that is something fundamental to a business.
Client 3

François Lepage

Blake Psychology
It's the time-to-market where OneDollarCredits really optimizes things. Using their professional translator leads to faster implementation, which leads to more sales quickly.
500 Localization Experts

Need to translate MS Office, PDF files, and other documents in minutes? Our professionals are located across all time zones.

Your Valuable Content

Whether it’s only a short phrase, a sentence, or an entire travel blog, we’ll help you go global and reach more users.

62 Languages

Our pioneering website translation and app localization technology lets us translate quickly. We support the following languages.

It’s Soooo Cheap!

Flat price at $0.09 per word. Our rates are lower than traditional agencies. No challenge is too complicated. No job is too small.

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