V-Credits – General Translation Services


V-Credits – General Translation Services


You can use any credit type across all your translation projects, however, we recommend that you purchase specific credits particular to your needs. This helps us to pair you with the best professionals from your industry.

Say goodbye to your translation hassles. Credits are the basic currency of our services. One credit is equal to $1. It covers an 11 word translation to one language (or one word to 11 languages).

  • V-Credits – General translation services (e.g. blogpost)
  • M-Credits – Mobile app localization services
  • C-Credits – Software localization services
  • B-Credits – Instant document translation
  • N-Credits – Native translators preferred
  • P-Credits – Game translation
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The Complete Localization Solution

OneDollarCredits offers complete localization solutions for all kinds of businesses. Select a use case to find out how OneDollarCredits can help you optimize your unique translation workflow.       Products Mobile




Localization Solutions for Mobile Apps

We’re an industry leader in travel app localization and have domain expertise in a wide variety of content. Our localization solutions are trusted by 400+ apps in 30+ countries. App localization can improve your ranking in the App Store, increase downloads by up to 3X, and enhance revenue by almost 50%. OneDollarCredits can help you seamlessly go global today.

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Our high-quality and culturally relevant translations have helped companies like Tencent, EA, and Epic Games launch popular games around the world.

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